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The 5 Best Portable Bladder Scanners Australia

by David Smith

| Updated December 1, 2023 |
A rising population of adults over 65 years is among the reasons the bladder scanner Australia market is also growing steadily alongside the global market. After all, age and urinary retention are often positively associated.

Thanks to portable bladder scanners, healthcare professionals in Australia can skip the uncomfortable patient catheterization when not required. Luckily, experts have confirmed that ultrasound bladder scanners are just as reliable as catheters in determining postvoid residual volume. Besides, they are also great in diagnosing bladder-related health conditions.

However, with the portable bladder scanner Australia market already flooded with numerous brands and models, choosing the best bladder scanner for medical practice in Australia can prove challenging.

To give healthcare an easier time choosing the best bladder scanner, we researched a range of bladder scanners, highlighting their best features, benefits, cost, price discounts, and shipping time.

Here’s our final list of the 5 best bladder scanners in Australia.

1.BladGo 2.0

bladgo test bladder scanner ad image
Price: $3799
Free Shipping
3.5” LCD screen
Accuracy: ±15%
Weight: only 750g
Scan Time: <4 S
5 Patient Type: Male ,Female,Female with hysterectomy,Child,Obesity
Not every image scanner is a handheld, lightweight device. But BladGo 2.0 bladder scanner is.

Using the BladGo bladder scanner has 3 key benefits for both medics and their patients:

●It eliminates the unnecessary use of catheters, minimizing the risk of infection and catheter-related bladder complications.
●It makes a quick, accurate, and non-invasive bladder volume scan.
●It works as a diagnostic tool to detect issues like post-surgery urinary retention.

And the efficiency features of the BladGo bladder scanner don’t end there.

The ultrasound sound scanner has a long battery life, great for home medical visits. Before scanning, you can easily adjust the patient type from the five available choices. Making that choice enhances result accuracy.

If you want a visual demonstration of how BladGo works, this video by a US urologist will show you how.


Bewellfinder 3D Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner image
Price: $4999
Free Shipping
CE Certification
3-Year Warranty
Scan time: < 4 S
14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
5.7-inch color LCD touch screen
List anything with fancy icons.
If convenience is what you are looking for in a portable bladder scanner, the BVT01 is your best choice. This device does not only have a convenient carriage handle but also a built-in printer that works in real-time during the 4-second scan process.

The bladder scanner BVT01 comes with a wide range of benefits. You can use the real-time clear images to determine patients’ postvoid or pre- and post-surgery urinary retention and decide their need for catheterization. Because it is non-invasive, the BVT01 bladder scanner boosts the confidence of healthcare personnel while saving patients the discomfort of catheterization.

Medical professionals can store data for 100 patients in the device and additional data in the USB storage, which also serves as a gateway for lifetime device updates.

While scanning, you can choose between the child, adult, and adult with obesity modes. And if you work in a home for seniors or make frequent homecare visits, the BVT01 battery will last 7 long hours before requiring a recharge.

3. Vioscan Portable Bladder Scanner

Infinium VioScan device image
8.4-inch HD color screen
3 Patient type: Male, female, pediatric
8 languages
Patient bar code scan capable
Accuracy: ±15%
1000 patients
Vioscan portable bladder scanner is a brand of the US company Infinium Medical, Inc. With over 30 years, Infinium Medical is a global leader in manufacturing patient monitoring equipment like bladder scanners.

This explains the top-notch features that set the Infinium Vioscan portable bladder scanner aside.

But Vioscan’s excellent performance uses up battery charge, which lasts only 4 hours. To resolve that, you get a set of two batteries in your package, making up for the short battery life. 

Vioscan bladder scanner's efficiency features are endless. If you are using it for the first time, you can rely on the pre-scan feedback to learn the right probe positioning. 

You’ll need to send a quote request for both the equipment and shipping costs. For an idea, some Vioscan bladder scanner distributors list it for around $3,995.

4.BladderScan Prime Plus

Verathon Prime BladderScan System image
Accuracy: ±7.5%
Automatically adapts to male, female and pediatric patient types
Free software updates
A comprehensive warranty
Cost-free staff training
BladderScan Prime Plus is a brand of the renowned US company, Verathon. The portable bladder scanner machine is powered by ImageSense, reflecting Verathon’s revolutionary AI technology in ultrasound bladder imaging.

By comparing patient bladder scanner results with AI-generated data, medical practitioners can deliver accurate bladder volume measurements in real time.

That puts Verathon’s Prime Plus atop many other bladder scanner brands. With the AI-powered BladderScan Prime Plus, healthcare practitioners can match up current AI use in urological care, from simple bladder volume scans to advanced detection of bladder cancer symptoms.

Prime Plus bladder scanner is an industrial design made with durable material to last years. Besides, the inbuilt handle and table-top stand make it extremely easy to use in any healthcare setting.

While Verathon claims affordable pricing for the Prime Plus bladder scanner, you’ll need to request a quote to know the bladder scanner price Australia plus shipping costs.

5. Butterfly iQ+ Care

Butterfly iQ+ Care image
$3,999 One-time Payment OR $2,699 Probe + $199-$420 Membership,Learn More
The Butterfly iQ+ Care scanner is the improved and latest version of the Butterfly iQ scanner by the US-based Butterfly Network company. This new model is smaller and has a high-performance ultrasound imaging tech that uses a digital micro-beam to improve image quality.

With a single probe, you can make whole-body accurate scans in multiple medical care specialties, including cardiology, surgery, and urology.

But the most innovative aspect of the Butterfly iQ+ Care scanner is that it allows healthcare practitioners to use an app interface on their smart devices. With that, they can access over 20 scanning clinical applications and use ultrasound imaging across different medical systems. That also means access to patient documents and billing records.

The innovative performance of the Butterfly iQ+ Care scanner also allows healthcare students to receive remote scanning guidance. Medical practitioners can also share bladder scan results in real-time via phone and compare diagnostic and treatment notes.

Once you fill in the details form on the company’s website, a specialist will follow up on shipping and other details you might require.

Concluding Thoughts

Any patient with urinary retention will appreciate bladder monitoring procedures that are non-invasive and less comfortable.

Healthcare practitioners can use the best bladder scanners Australia to save their patients uncomfortable catheterization and infection risks.

Consider the best in the market, like BladGo 2.0 and the others we reviewed for you in this article.
Article by
David Smith
David is a urologist with over 9 years of experience. He is also the Co-fonder of BladGo, where he regularly shares his expertise in the field of urology. David is committed to keeping readers up-to-date on the latest urological research and to sharing other beneficial healthcare tips and information so that they can live healthier lives.

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