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BladGo 2.0 - The Handheld Bladder Scanner


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BladGo 2.0 - The Handheld Bladder Scanner

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Measure bladder volume quickly, accurately, & non-invasively!


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3.5” LCD screen
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BladGo Bladder Scanner Tested

Learn More About Its Features & Benefits

From unboxing to scanning, Dr. Robert Chan chronicles his experience with the Bladgo Bladder Scanner. Hear his thoughts on its performance.

Five patient modes are available to meet the needs of different people

Female With Hysterectomy
BladGo Five patient modes are available

Multiple Bladder Metrics Enable Easy Measurement Of Bladder Issues

Advanced algorithms ensure the accuracy of various abnormal shape measurements.
bladder scanner measurement results image

Save Patient IDs And Images For Easy Patient Identification

Patient ID bladder scanner

Patient ID:

Turn this feature on for easy patient identification. Allows you to save information for 999 patients right on the device.
bladder scanner U-Disk Image Save

U-Disk Image Save:

Allows you to instantly save images on a USB drive from which they can be stored or shared in the future.

Probe's Switch Enhances Scan Flexibility

The ergonomically designed probe includes a scan switch to start scans without reaching the scanner and risking moving the probe.
Bladgo Probe's Switch Enhances Scan Flexibility

Expert and Lite Modes for Accurate and User-Friendly Bladder Scanning

Lite Mode display

Lite Mode:

Relies on standard machine settings and large image measurement result displays to allow anyone to operate the scanner.
Expert Mode diaplay

Expert Mode:

Allows you to instantly save images on a USB drive from which they can be stored or shared in the future.

What is in the box

Standard Configuration:

BladGo 2.0 Bladder Scanner *1
Power Adapter *1
Charger Adaptor *1
Rubber Base *1
Aluminium Carry Case *1
Key *1
U-Disk *1
Rope *1
User Manual *1
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Measure Bladder Volume Quickly, Accurately,
& Non-invasively!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Highly impressed with the portable bladder scanners. Accurate, user-friendly, and compact design. Perfect for on-the-go use. Excellent investment for medical professionals.

Peter A. White (San Antonio, US)
BladGo Bladder Scanner

There are so many negatives that come with catheterization that we were excited to try ultrasound scans. The BladGo 2.0 unit has exceeded our expectations. Staff are able to get more done in less time now, and we are seeing much less risk of infection. This bladder scanner has been great for our practice.

Geneva M. Butler (Belleville, US)
Great Product!

Accurate volume measurements, very easy to use, lots of good features, the BladGo 2.0 scanner is definitely an impressive device. We are glad we found it. It has been a great addition to our facility.

Dorothy V. Jordan Clinic Manager (New York, US)
highly accurate

We have noticed a distinct improvement in the satisfaction level of our patients thanks to our switch to using the BladGo 2.0 unit. The big driver of that increase is, of course, the fact that we are doing fewer catheterizations. Patients love the convenience of the scans, and our doctors love their accuracy.

Dr. Kevin Green, MD (Benton, US)
Very Convenient

When we were choosing a new bladder scanner for our clinic real-time scanning was a major requirement for us. This unit delivers real-time scanning and allows you to push a button on the probe to start recording a scan. Very convenient.


Does BladGo have a CE certificate?
Yes, our bladder scanner has a CE certificate.
Does BladGo Bladder Scanner come with a warranty?
Our bladder scanner's exceptional quality allows us to offer a 2-Year warranty at no additional cost.
How accurate are the BladGo bladder scanners?
Accuracy Urinary Volume Within 20-99ml:+/- 15ml ; Accuracy Urinary Volume With 100-999ml:+/- 15%
Do you have a video on how to use the BladGo 2.0?
This portable bladder scanner is so easy to use that most medical workers can use it immediately. We have an operator's manual and how-to videos to help you get the most out of the tools.Learn More.
How many patient cases can the BladGo 2.0 bladder scanner store?
It allows you to correctly save the information of 999 patients.
How long can the Bladgo 2.0 be used after being fully charged?
After being fully charged, Bladgo 2.0 can be used for up to 5 hours. Charging takes approximately 2 hours.
How do I confirm the accuracy of the scan results?
1. If the measured result shows "---," it indicates no detectable result. You need to re-measure.
2. If an orange arrow appears next to the projection, it indicates the measurement result is unacceptable. The probe must be moved according to the arrow direction and re-scan to measure again;
3. If a green arrow appears next to the projection, it indicates the measurement result is acceptable. You need to slightly adjust the direction of the probe and re-scan to measure again;
4. If no arrow appears next to the projection, it indicates the measurement result is correct.



3.5’ color LCD screen

Scan Time :

< 4s



Battery Working time :

Up to 5Hrs

Dimensions :

25 x 28 x 40 cm

Unit Weight:


Volume Calculation Reference :

12 plans @ 15 intervals

Urinary Volume Rendering Resolution :


Measuring Range:


Accuracy Urinary Volume Within 20-99ml:

+/- 15ml

Accuracy Urinary Volume With 100-999ml:

+/- 15%

Adjustable Contrast:


Patient 5 Type:

Male ,Female,Female with hysterectomy,Child,Obesity

Support 6 Language:

English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

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BladGo 2.0 / Portable & Handheld Bladder Scanner

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