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How Much Does a Bladder Scanner Cost: Buyer’s Guide + 15 Examples

by David Smith

| Updated September 15, 2023 |
Every health practitioner knows that using a non-invasive bladder scanner to determine urinary bladder volume is a safer option than catheterization, which comes with discomfort and infection risks for the patient. That explains why bladder scanners have become indispensable medical care equipment in many specialties and patient care situations.

Because owning a bladder scanner comes with a financial expense, management in medical care facilities and doctors in private practice often have to face the question, how much does a bladder scanner cost?

The average cost of bladder scanners is around $3,000-$6000. But bladder scanners can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $24,000 depending on factors like brand, scanner condition (new, used, or refurbished), supplier, and the scanner’s efficiency features, such as accuracy.

To show you specific cases of how much a bladder scanner costs, this article has 15 examples with their prices and the features that define their high or low cost. But, before the examples, a quick focus on the factors determining bladder scanner cost and what you should consider when buying will make you a more informed buyer. 

So, let’s start with that!

What Factors Determine Bladder Scanner Cost?

Any healthcare facility management or private doctor looking for a bladder scanner will want the best they can get within their budget. However, you have to weigh getting the best on the factors that determine bladder scanner cost.

Below are the 5 most relevant factors that determine bladder scanner cost.


Reputable brands whose manufacturers are major players in the bladder scanner market command higher prices. That’s because their customers trust the product's quality, accuracy, and reliability. On our list, such brands include Laborie and Vitacon.

But, while newer brands are still navigating their place in the bladder scanner market, they can also claim higher prices if they offer innovative efficiency features with advanced scanner technology. Take, for example, the five patient modes (male, female, child, female with hysterectomy, and obesity) of BladGo 2.0 that enhance scanning accuracy.


Bladder scanners can be table-top, portable, or compact handheld. Table-top scanners tend to be larger and weightier than the other two types, a probable reason why they cost more.

On the list of our examples, bladder scanners with the highest price listings are table-top or tablet-type, usable with laptops and PCs.

Of course, their larger size may also come with exceptional efficiency features. Consider the tablet VitaScan LT bladder scanner by Vitacon, which records the second-highest online listing price of $18,000 on our list of bladder scanners. However, the scanner has several innovative features, like a ±7.5 accuracy and a “dynamic urine volume” display.


Accuracy is a top feature to consider when purchasing a bladder scanner. Since a bladder scanner measures urinary bladder volume, the accuracy range indicates how much of the bladder volume the scanner can over or underestimate (±).

Bladder scanners with a lower under/overestimated bladder volume have greater accuracy and are preferred by healthcare providers. Because that also means they are more efficient, bladder scanners with higher accuracy (lower figure) may cost more than those with a lower accuracy.

From our 15 examples, bladder scanners with high accuracy (±7.5) record price listings between $9,000-$18,000.

Benefits and Efficiency Features

Bladder scanner manufacturers list the benefits and features of their products to help customers know what they are bargaining for with their purchase. Among such benefits and efficiency features include:

●Accurate urinary volume recording.
●Real-time imaging.
●3D imaging and Doppler technology.
●Large data storage capacity.
●Size and portability.
●Probe frequency.
●Patient modes.

These benefits and features can determine bladder scanner cost because they define how effectively and accurately the equipment measures bladder volume.

Consider the VitaScan LT bladder scanner mentioned earlier. The scanner has several innovative efficiency features and benefits, including enhanced accuracy, automatic bladder locating, and identification of physiological abnormalities that could alter bladder volume accuracy.

Supplier and Condition (Used, Refurbished, or New)

Bladder scanner cost can vary widely depending on who sells it to you and the condition of the scanner. Used or refurbished bladder scanners are expected to cost less than new ones, while some suppliers may list bladder scanners in the same condition at prices with very high margins.

On our list of examples, the highest online listing for a new PadScan HD3 bladder scanner stood at $24,862. A different supplier listed the same brand in new condition for $655, and still another supplier listed the same bladder scanner in refurbished condition for $579.

And now that you know what factors determine bladder scanner cost, the next thing to consider when buying a bladder scanner is what to look for.

What to Consider When Buying a Bladder Scanner

To the question of what to consider when buying a bladder scanner, the best answer would be to look for one that most accurately records urinary bladder volume. So, we’ll start with accuracy and discuss a few other features to look for when buying a scanner.


What would be the point of using a bladder scanner to determine bladder volume without reliable results? If that were the case, healthcare practitioners would be better off going back to catheterization, regardless of its risk factors.

Luckily, studies have shown that bladder scanners are reliable urinary volume measurement tools, irrespective of the median difference they may show from catheterization volume.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to go for the bladder scanner with greater accuracy when making a purchase. A ±15%, ±15mL accuracy is typical for most bladder scanners, but a ±7.5%, ±7.5mL is even better.

Based on that, brands like BladderScan i10, Verathon Prime BladderScan System, and VitaScan LT top the list of more accurate choices, as long as they answer your other patient scanning needs and fit within your budget.

Ease of Use

Bladder scanners are often used by healthcare practitioners who are not necessarily sonographers. For the same reason, buying a bladder scanner that is easy to use by a nurse or clinician works to the advantage of the healthcare facility.

Bladder scanners on our 15-example list with ease-of-use characteristics include those with:

●A user-friendly touchscreen.
●An option for easy/express or expert mode.
●A probe that goes either way and does not need specific orientation.
●Automatic bladder imaging at the press of a scan button without the need for user-interface entries.

Data Storage Capacity

Most bladder scanners have inbuilt data storage capacity for approximately 100 patients with options for additional data storage on the cloud or the ERS system through bladder scanner operating software.

Ensure you go for a bladder scanner with a USB port or software for sending additional patient data to external storage space, especially if you have large numbers of patients.

Post-sale Support

Post-sale support can come in different forms:

●In-service or follow-up training.
●Maintenance calibration (if needed).
●Repairs or maintenance covered by at least a 1-year warranty.

Engage the manufacturer of the bladder scanner you are interested in to ensure these post-sale support services are available and that they are either free or affordable within your budget.

Key Safety and Efficiency Features

Different manufacturers equip their bladder scanners with standard or innovative safety and efficiency features, which have plenty to do with their accuracy.

When purchasing, consider bladder scanners with some or all of these safety and efficiency features:

●Fast scanning time (usually 3-5 seconds).
●Multiple patient modes, including male, female, pediatric, obese, and hysterectomy.
●A safe probe frequency of 1-5Mhz.[ Southgate SJ, Herbst MK. Ultrasound of the Urinary Tract. 
●Software or bladder metrics that identify physiological abnormalities jeopardizing urinary volume record accuracy.
●Water-proof material that’s easy to clean and disinfect.
●Durable and drop-resistant probe material.


While any healthcare facility or clinic will want the best bladder scanner on the market, their choice largely depends on the budget.

When setting a bladder scanner budget, factor in the cost of purchasing and any additional with/post-purchase expenses.

Bear in mind that the buying price of some brands can seem pocket-friendly at first glance, but they may come with high additional costs alongside the buying price or from after-purchase expenses.

After-purchase expenses are related to:
●Scanner accessories such as mobile trolleys.
●Maintenance and calibration.
●Warranty extension.

Let’s take as an example the VitaScan LT. Apart from the buying price ranging from $6,000 to $18,000+ (depending on the supplier), you may have to pay $410 for the manufacturer-recommended annual calibration and a $1,000 warranty extension to 5 years if you choose the C5 model, which comes with a 2-year warranty.

The point is, you need to factor all these possible additional costs in the initial budgeting.

On that note, some tips on finding a bladder scanner within your budget and how to negotiate bladder scanner cost are opportune.

Tips for Buying a Bladder Scanner Within Your Budget

Buying a bladder scanner on a budget can be an overwhelming experience. But with the current rise in patients with urological disorders and the growth of the geriatric population that’s prone to urinary disorders,1 bladder scanners are indispensable equipment in healthcare facilities.

These tips can help you get that most needed bladder scanner within your budget:

Take Advantage of Price Discounts and Seasonal Promotions

Many manufacturers, including some of our examples, list their bladder scanners with price discounts or offer seasonal promotions on single or bulk purchases. Inquire about these discounts and promotions and take advantage of the substantial savings you can make from them. You might just afford to buy the bladder scanner for your patients’ needs that you would otherwise have forfeited if it was sold at the original price.

Compare Supplier/Retailer Prices before Purchasing

Our search through bladder scanner suppliers and retailers indicates that their prices can vary with large margins, mainly due to location factors. That goes to say that you should do a thorough search on suppliers and retailers to find the one that offers your bladder scanner of choice for the price you can pay.

Explore Trade-in Offers

Bladder scanner manufacturers sometimes offer customers the option of trading in their older models for newer ones. This usually comes with reduced prices. Inquire about trade-in offers when your bladder scanner manufacturer releases a new model. That way, you stand a chance to get the latest model in the market at a lower price.

Build Strategic Customer-Supplier Relationships

A strategic relationship with a bladder scanner supplier can earn you certain purchasing advantages, including reduced prices. Do thorough market research to find the bladder scanner supplier with the best customer conditions and build a lasting relationship with them. That can earn you benefits such as discounted pricing and priority information on promotional offers.

And now that you are a well-informed bladder scanner buyer, it’s time to present our 15 examples on the question, how much does a bladder scanner cost?

How Much Does a Bladder Scanner Cost: 15 Examples

Our focus on the factors determining bladder scanner cost has revealed that the prices can vary greatly depending on what brand you buy and who you buy from, among other factors.

With that in mind, here are 15 examples showing how much a bladder scanner costs.

1.BladGo 2.0

bladgo portable bladder machine ad image
Price: $3,799, 5% OFF
An accuracy of ±15ml for urinary volume of 20-99mL and ±15% for 100-999mL.
Five patient modes to ensure accurate scanning of each case, including male, female, child, female with hysterectomy, and obesity.
Varied bladder metrics that enhance accuracy when there are bladder issues such as an abnormal shape.
Comprehensive bladder scanning results showing bladder volume, bladder cross-section with 12 images, and 4 measurement records.
A patient identification feature that lets you save the data of 999 patients, with the possibility to save the images on external storage via USB.
2 years warranty.
BladGo 2.0 by BladGo company is arguably the latest bladder scanner in the market that offers the greatest value for your money, considering its great performance. You can count on this scanner to record bladder volume fast, accurately, and non-invasively at a 2.5MHz probe frequency.

Medical practitioners will love the efficiency features of the BladGo 2.0, including its light weight of 750 grams, its <4 seconds scan time, 5 hours battery usage, and its user-friendly nature with Lite and Expert display modes on the 3.5" LCD screen.

You don’t have to risk altering the scan results with hand movement since the scan switch on the probe feature eliminates that risk. Plus, the CE certificate is an assurance of scanner quality.


Bewellfinder 3D Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner image
Cost: $4,999, down from the original price of $5,999.
An accuracy of ±15mL for urinary volumes of 20-99mL and ±15% for 100-999mL.
Enhance accuracy by choosing from 3 patient modes: Standard, child, and obesity.
Save data for up to 100 patients and use a USB port for more storage and for free software updates.
A safe 2.5MHz probe frequency.
2 years warranty for the main unit and 1 year for the probe.
The cost of the latest 3D KaiXin BVT02 bladder scanner by Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument is worth its features. The FDA-registered scanner takes bladder scanning to a higher level with its automatic and accurate bladder volume scan.

When using the BVT02, 2D scanning precedes 3D scanning to help the radiologist locate the bladder, easily seen on the 3.5-inch color LCD screen. You then read the scan results from 12 color images.

Patients can be at peace knowing the high-level encryption of the device protects their personal data. Plus, the scanner is easy to use, and anyone can operate it. You won’t be risking the accuracy of the scan results by moving your hands from the probe to other parts of the scanner because the scan switch is right on the probe.

The 5+ hours of battery time enhance patient scanning, which takes less than 4 seconds for each case.

3.Butterfly iQ+ Care

Butterfly iQ+ Care image
Cost: $3,899 in the USA. Click “Pay” on the product page and choose your country to check the price.
Manufacturer claims enhanced accuracy.
Super-fast automated bladder volume calculations appearing in 3D images.
Uses NeedleViz™ technology, which allows needle highlighting and easier vascular access in complicated patient cases like dehydration, IV drug usage, and obesity.
1-year warranty.
If you want to buy a bladder scanner that will last you the longest without needing replacement, the Butterfly IQ+ Care by Butterfly Network, Inc. is worth your money. The scanner is not only water and dust-resistant, but it will also survive any accidental fall.

Healthcare facilities can comfortably place the Butterfly IQ+ Care bladder scanner in every care department to reduce the time spent moving scanners from one department to another. Plus, they can connect their EHR system to the Butterfly Cloud for enhanced patient data access.

Additionally, clinicians can access scanning tutorials in the device app to build confidence in using the device. It’s worth noting that researchers found the Butterfly iQ + Care scanner to have the highest software navigability compared to four other handheld scanners.

4.Infinium VioScan® Portable Bladder Scanner

Infinium VioScan device image
Cost: Between $3,995 and $5,000 depending on the retailer/seller.
Accuracy: ±15%, ±15mL at a 2.6MHz probe frequency.
Refine scanning by choosing from 3 patient modes: Male, female, and pediatric.
Store data for up to 100 patients, with a port for USB storage and software updates.
1-year warranty.
When you invest in the Infinium VioScan® portable bladder scanner by Infinium, your core aspect of confidence is its high-quality scanning details and image quality. The user-friendly bladder scan has an Express mode that records precise bladder volume and an Expert mode that displays real-time HD bladder images.

\Its other efficiency features include built-in bladder border identification and automatic alignment for probe placement during the pre-scan.

The Infinium Vioscan bladder scanner comes with two sets of batteries that last 4 hours after a full charge. That scanner also has a feature for scanning patient bar codes.

5.Clarius Urinary Bladder Scanner

Clarius Urinary Bladder Scanner image
Cost: $3595 + $595 Plus Membership (membership is compulsory). Financing is available, and price varies with region.
Powered by AI to accurately measure bladder volume in just seconds.
Ultra-light, you can take it anywhere: Only 308g (0.68lb).
Clarius Cloud offers unlimited storage capacity, scanning exam management, and PDF reports.
3 years warranty.
The Clarius urinary bladder scanner manufacturer considers this device the leading choice for any medical practitioner looking for the best bladder scanner on the market at an affordable price. With its AI-powered user-friendly app that’s also connected to the cloud, you can only expect high-definition premium imaging at 2-6MHz probe frequency.

Among its efficiency features are its wireless connection and the waterproof feature that allows easy and safe cleaning and disinfecting, even by submerging it in a disinfecting solution.

Your investment in a Clarius urinary bladder scanner is protected by a 3-year warranty, free product support, and commitment-free return within a month. The Clarius scanner also comes with advanced features, including color Doppler and pulsed-wave Doppler.

6.Verathon Prime BladderScan System

Verathon Prime BladderScan System image
Cost: Varies from a few hundred dollars to around $10,000 depending on retailer and scanner conditions (new, used, or refurbished). Send a quote directly to the manufacturer to get exact pricing.
Next-level accuracy of ±7.5 with automatic bladder identification.
Automatically adjust to patient mode: male, female, or pediatric.
Uses ImageSense® AI technology to identify bladder locations, shape, and size, enhancing scanning accuracy.
5 years warranty.
Any medical practitioner desiring the next-level bladder scanner accuracy should consider the Verathon BladderScan Prime Plus. Although the scanner seems pricey in new condition, its many efficiency features are worth the buck, starting with its industrial-grade material and completely sealed probe design. Both features guarantee the scanner’s durability and safety when cleaning.

Verathon bladder scanner comes with two batteries you can switch once one is depleted of charge after a 24-hour usage time. You don’t require console charging. Plus, your patients’ information is safe with password protection.

7.BladderScan BVI 6100

Bladderscan bvi-6100 image
Cost: From a few hundred dollars to $5,000+ depending on seller and scanner condition (new, used, or refurbished).
The overall accuracy for urinary bladder volume is questioned, though found reliable for particular procedures like prostate radiotherapy.
Easy to use without any prior training.
Upload the scanning exam to ScanPoint software to add it to the EHR systems.
1-year warranty.
The handheld Verathon BladderScan BVI 6100 has arguably the highest ease of portability. With its simple display, you can quickly and easily read your patient’s urinary bladder volume and use the directional arrows for a precise bladder volume record.

You only need less than 5 seconds to capture 12 B-mode 3D images of the bladder and the displayed bladder volume, thanks to the VMODE® technology. Such speed and accuracy enhance the clinician’s confidence and save time.

8.BladderScan i10

BladderScan i10
Cost: You need to send a quote to the manufacturer for pricing.
An advanced accuracy of ±7.5 when correctly used.
Does not need any maintenance calibration.
The ImageSense® + VMODE® probe technology allows automatic bladder locating and urinary volume display in seconds.
5 years comprehensive warranty.
BladderScan i10 is another of Verathon’s bladder scanners with incomparable accuracy due to its cutting-edge technology. The ImageSense® AI technology locates the bladder automatically and defines its size and shape, irrespective of the patient type and anatomy (adult or child), and all that enhances accuracy.

The bladder scanner eliminates the EHR charting challenge with its simple software that allows clinicians to record scan results with barcode wands. Additionally, its durability makes it worth your money as its medical-grade material and its fully sealed IPX4-rated transducer resist any fall or spoilage by cleaning disinfectants.

9.Portascan™ 3D

Portascan™ 3D
Cost: Manufacturer claims cost efficiency. You can request cost information from the manufacturer from the product page.
Store up to 100 patients’ data with unlimited storage with PC software using a USB port.
A user-friendly touch screen.
Automatic scanning with free probe placement without the need for probe orientation.
Does not require calibration.
5 years warranty.
Laborie claims advanced accuracy for its Portascan™ 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner, giving you bladder images you can count on for precise bladder volume figures.

The tablet-style scanner has a universal and automatic gender recognition algorithm, automatically producing 12 scan images in 3 seconds without needing user-interface entries. The scanner battery will last 4 hours in operation.

Although its 6.4-inch color LCD screen and its 2kg (4lb) weight can seem on the higher end compared to other bladder scanners, the mentioned efficiency features make it worth your money.

10.PadScan HD5 Bladder Scanner

PadScan HD5 Bladder Scanner
Cost: Up to $9,000+ on online listings for new scanners, depending on the seller. Send a quote to the manufacturer for precise pricing.
An unconventional ±7 accuracy over a 0-999 mL urinary volume range.
High-quality scan images with Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology.
Operated on a user-friendly 8-inch touch screen.
2 years limited warranty.
The PadScan HD5 Bladder Scanner by Caresono automatically measures bladder volume at high speeds to produce 12 high-resolution, 3D cross-sectional bladder images that are easy to read by the sonographer.

You can choose between the Expert and Easy operation modes and see your patient’s bladder images appear on the monitor in less than 5 seconds. The scanner uses a safe 2.5MHz probe frequency.

Although the inbuilt rechargeable battery in PadScan HD5 Bladder Scanner may disappoint with its 3-hour operation time and its 1.5kg (3.3lb) weight is on the higher side, its other listed efficiency features make up for the drawbacks.

11.PadScan HD3 Bladder Scanner

PadScan HD3 Bladder Scanner
Cost: From a few hundred dollars to $24,000+ going by online listings and depending on supplier and scanner condition (new, used, or refurbished). Send a quote to the manufacturer for precise pricing.
±15%, ±15mL accuracy over a 0-999 mL urinary volume range.
Uses Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology to produce high-quality scan images.
Read scan outcome on a 7-inch TFT-LCD screen.
2 years warranty.
The PadScan HD3 Bladder Scanner offers high-accuracy scanning with a single button touch at a 2.5MHZ operating frequency. According to the manufacturer, you will save on after-purchase costs because the scanner will never need calibration. The 1.2kg (2.5lb) scanner is easily portable.

Among PadScan HD3 efficiency features include a choice between Easy and Expert pre-scan modes, a voice recording function, and unlimited patient data storage with an SD card function. The scanner’s battery will run for 3.5 scanning hours once fully charged.

12.PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner

PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner
Cost: From a few hundred dollars to $6,000+ on online listings, depending on supplier and scanner condition (new, used, or refurbished). Send a quote to the manufacturer for the exact price.
±15%, ±15mL accuracy over 0-999 mL urinary volume range.
Quality scan images with Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology.
High portability: only 500g (1lb).
User-friendly 2.5-inch TFT-LCD screen.
IPX1 water-resistance protection for the probe.
2 years warranty.
Caresono’s PadScan HD2 Bladder Scanner offers standard ultrasonic frequency bladder imaging with the accuracy of most other bladder scanners on the market and at a 3.5MHz operating frequency. The scanner sustains 3.5 hours of continuous scanning with a fully charged battery.

You know you invested your money in a reliable bladder scanner because of its efficiency features, including multiple language options, voice recording, a volume setting function, and SD card patient data storage. You also get to choose between the Expert and Easy scanning modes.

13.VitaScan LT 

VitaScan LT
Cost: Online listings indicate prices ranging from $6,000-$18,000+. Request precise pricing info from the manufacturer on the product page. Cost varies with the bladder model.
A ± 7.5% accuracy on volumes >100 mL. The volume range is 0-1000 mL.
Choose between the C6, C5, and G1 models.
An optional “dynamic urine volume” display mode with pre-void, voided, and post-void volume records simultaneously.
Free in-service and follow-up customer training.
5, 2, and 1-year warranty for the C6, C5, and G1 models, respectively, with accidental damage coverage for all three models.
The VitaScan LT by Vitacon is a USB ultrasound bladder scanner that works by connecting the probe to a tablet, laptop, or PC. That means you can simply buy the probe and software and use them with a gadget or computer you already own.

The VitaScan LT software enhances scanning accuracy by automatically identifying the bladder’s location and revealing any physical abnormalities that can compromise urinary volume records. The sonographer or clinician can also select the preferred scanning depth at a 3.4MHz probe frequency.

14.ViewBladder 10

ViewBladder 10 device image
Cost: Between $2,700 and $6,000+ going by online listings. Contact the manufacturer on the product page for precise pricing.
Measurement accuracy of ±10%, ±10mL over a volume range of 0-1500mL.
Lightweight scanner: 900g tablet and 250g probe.
2.5-5.0 pulse frequency.
1-year warranty, with the possibility of payable extended warranty time.
The ViewBladder 10 by Interson is a tablet bladder scanner created to produce high-quality imaging for urinary bladder volume measurements in acute care, long-term care, rehab, and post-op care.

Interson created the scanner in such a way that you can purchase the probe and software and use them with the Hewlett Packard Pavilion X2 tablet or an equivalent with the Windows 8.1 Home operating system.


Cost: Request a quote from the manufacturer.
Typical bladder scanner accuracy of ±15%, ±15mL over a 0-999mL bladder volume range.
User-friendly high-sensitive touch screen.
Distinctive female/male scanning in 5 seconds.
A 2.5MHz probe frequency.
2 years warranty.
The MD6000 bladder scanner by Sonologic is perfect for all healthcare settings, including hospitals, private clinics, home care, and assisted living care.

The key benefits that make the MD6000 worth your money include its 2D bladder finder mode and 3D scanning, its easy operation by touchscreen and single button automatic scanning, its in-built printer, and its 4-hour battery operation when fully charged.

Final Thoughts

A bladder scanner is an indispensable medical equipment in any healthcare facility. Since owning one comes with a budget, doctors in private practice and managers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities must face the question, how much does a bladder scanner cost?

A bladder scanner will cost between a few hundred dollars and $24,000+, depending on brand, supplier, and its efficiency features.

You can own a bladder scanner on a budget by following the tips in this post, like taking advantage of discounts and seasonal promotions.

Always consider that bladder scanner prices can change with time, especially those listed at discounted prices by the manufacturer and those from online listings.


1.Transparency Market Research. Bladder Scanners Market (Product: Bench Top Bladder Scanners, Portable Bladder Scanners, and Handheld Bladder Scanners). Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2022-2031. 

2.Zheng, Veronica Jierong BA∗; Geynisman-Tan, Julia MD†; Knoll, Justin PhD‡; Kenton, Kimberly MD†; Brown, Oluwateniola MD†. Accuracy of Bladder Scanner in Measuring Bladder Volumes in Postpartum Women. Urogynecology 29(9): p 777-783, September 2023. 

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Article by
David Smith
David is a urologist with over 9 years of experience. He is also the Co-fonder of BladGo, where he regularly shares his expertise in the field of urology. David is committed to keeping readers up-to-date on the latest urological research and to sharing other beneficial healthcare tips and information so that they can live healthier lives.

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