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Male vs. Female Bladder Ultrasounds Explained: Similarities, and Differences

by David Smith

| Updated May 10, 2024 |
Bladder ultrasounds are generally the same for everyone. However, differences may arise when you start to consider anatomy and clinical indications.

Here are all you need to understand male and female bladder ultrasounds.

Bladder Ultrasound Procedure

Bladder ultrasounds, also known as bladder scans, is a procedure used to evaluate the amount of urine in the bladder.

It is a technique performed often in the healthcare industry since it helps diagnose or monitor conditions such as urinary retention and urinary incontinence.

But did you know that bladder ultrasound procedures may differ between males and females? I bet not! Let us discuss then the general similarities and differences between male and female bladder scans.

Reasons Why Male and Female Bladder Ultrasounds Are The Same

Before going into the differences, let us first talk about the similarities that happen during male and female bladder ultrasound procedures.

Non-invasive Procedure

Both men and women undergo non-invasive bladder scanner procedures that no longer need the insertion of any instruments into the body. The bladder scanner only uses sound waves to produce images of the bladder.

Bladder Ultrasound Technique

The basic method and technique of performing bladder ultrasounds for both genders is the same. Basically, a handy bladder ultrasound device is used externally on the lower abdomen to capture the state of your bladder.

Bladder Assessment

Regardless of gender, bladder ultrasounds serve the same primary purpose for both men and women. It is to assess the bladder, especially its shape, size, and amount of urine it can hold. The results of a bladder ultrasound serve as valuable information for doctors to identify and manage urinary and bladder-related health conditions.

Differences Between Male and Female Bladder Ultrasounds

Male and Female Bladder Ultrasounds image
This time, let us dive into the main reasons why the bladder scanner procedure differs between males and females.

Different Anatomy

Male and female urinary systems are different. Men have longer urethras that pass through their prostate glands. Meanwhile, women have shorter urethras and do not pass through a gland. The difference in anatomy affects the interpretation and visualization of ultrasound results.

Bladder Position

In men, the bladder is located in front of the rectum, just above the prostate gland. In women, the bladder sits in front of the vagina and below the uterus. This fact is highly considered by healthcare professionals when doing bladder ultrasounds to position the device accurately.


Because of the position of a male's bladder, doctors would often involve a follow-up examination of the prostate gland during a male bladder ultrasound. Doctors monitor any possible enlargement or inflammation of the prostate to avoid further complications.

How To Know You Have The Right Bladder Ultrasound Device

It is important to pick a clinically approved bladder scanner to ensure the results it generates are accurate. Popular brands like Verathon and SonoScape are proven to be durable and reliable when it comes to bladder scanners. These brands are pioneer manufacturers of portable ultrasound systems that truly levelled up the healthcare industry.

If you are looking for a safe and affordable option, BladGo is a perfect alternative. It functions the same way as popular brands and even has an expert mode where you can instantly save captured images on a flash drive for storage.

To learn more about bladder scanners, contact us today.


Article by
David Smith
David is a urologist with over 9 years of experience. He is also the Co-fonder of BladGo, where he regularly shares his expertise in the field of urology. David is committed to keeping readers up-to-date on the latest urological research and to sharing other beneficial healthcare tips and information so that they can live healthier lives.

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