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Top 6 Portable Bladder Scanner in UK

by David Smith

| Updated December 13, 2023 |
Portable bladder scanners have become extremely popular today due to their ability to allow medical professionals to measure bladder volume accurately without performing a urinary catheterization.

However, because so many bladder scanners are now available in the UK, it can be difficult to distinguish the good devices from the bad. To help you and other medical professionals get a high-quality scanner, we recently studied the 40 most popular portable bladder scanners in UK and found what we feel are the top six. 

We compared features and design, and even considered bladder scanner cost in UK to come up with 6 scanners that we feel are clearly the best of the best.

These bladder scanners in UK are high-performing and dependable and ensure you get tremendous value for your purchase price. So, here are our choices for the best portable bladder scanner in UK. The devices, which are made in various countries but all available in the UK, are not presented in any particular order.

1. BladGo 2.0

bladgo handheld bladder scanner ad picture
Price: $3799
Free Sjipping
2-Year Free Warranty
CE Certification
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
This ultra-convenient device combines top-of-the-line features with a very affordable price to provide users with unmatched value.

This portable bladder scanner features 5 scanning modes (male, female, female with hysterectomy, child, and obese), along with Patient ID, U-Disk Image Save, Ergonomic Probe, expert and lite operation modes, and much more.

Users gain access to multiple bladder metrics and advanced algorithms to properly measure bladder volume. The portable handheld scanner also offers bladder cross-section views, 12 bladder cross-sectional images, and 4 measurement records.

Even though it is absolutely loaded with features, the BladGo 2.0 also comes with one of the lowest prices. That’s right, this great-performing bladder scanner in the UK would also make a low “bladder scanner cost in UK” list! Right now, the unit is available for just $3599 with a 5% discount that will take that price even lower. 

Watch the video to learn more about its features and benefits:

2. BladderScan BVI-6100

Bladderscan bvi-6100 image
Handheld Portable Design
VMODE Technology
Aiming Assistance
Another quality bladder scanner in UK is this unit from Verathon. The BladderScan BVI-6100 features a handheld, portable design with Vmode technology that automatically captures 12 B-mode images of the bladder.

Additional features of this portable bladder scanner in UK include: directional arrows for aiming assistance and automated 3D quantification of bladder volume. This battery-powered, lightweight device is also easy to operate.

Pricing information is not available on the product’s website. Those interested in purchasing must submit a request for a quote.

3. Caresono HD-3

Caresono HD-3 bladder scanner image
±10-12% Accuracy
12 slice 3D bladder image projection
Built-in thermal printer
USB export
Standby time: 8 hours
The Caresono HD-3 Bladder Scanner produces real-time high-resolution 3D ultrasound images that measure urinary bladder volume. The device is non-invasive and very easy to use.

This is another solid bladder scanner in UK. However, there is uncertainty about the final cost of the unit. Current pricing is not available on the website. Users must request a demo to learn the scanner’s ultimate cost.

4. M4 3D Bladder Scanner

M4 3D Handheld Wireless Bladder Scanner image
Price: $5,999
Free Shipping
Multiple language options
This wireless bladder scanner is designed for use in a wide range of medical settings, including surgery, emergency, ICU, obstetrics, gynecology, radiotherapy, home health, and nursing homes. It combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, making it an indispensable tool for clinical catheterization and auxiliary diagnosis of bladder and kidney diseases.

This bladder scanner has a portable and handheld design that allows for effortless maneuverability, ensuring ease of use and comfort for both patients and medical practitioners. Its wireless connection works with phones and tablets and lets medical professionals share scans and reports with coworkers and get information about patients while on the go.

One of the most important things that the M4 bladder scanner can do is measure the post-void leftover volume after a person has urinated. This important information helps check the health of the bladder and see if there are any problems or issues. By giving doctors exact measurements, the M4 lets them quickly spot possible problems with the urinary tract and take the right steps to fix them.

More device features include: no annual calibration, 3D imaging of bladder volume, and internal storage on a tablet, PC, or mobile phone. 

5. BVT01 – 3D Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

Bewellfinder 3D Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner image
Price: $4,999
Free Shipping
3-Year Warranty
CE Certification
14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Supports Six Languages
Scan Time <4 Seconds
5.7” Colour LCD Touch Screen
This 3D Portable Bladder Scanner offers fast, clear imaging; real-time image printing; automatic, precise measurements; and multiple measurement methods.

That’s right, users of the BVT01 can choose between two measurement modes – an automatic mode in which the device handles the calculations and a manual mode where the operator can use a touch pen to set the measurement area.

This is another bladder scanner in the UK that offers amazing features for a low price. Features included with this device include: 3D Scanning with accurate bladder volume measurement, 2D Prescans, less than 4 second scan times, and 12 color image frames per bladder scan.

6.MD-6000 Pro Bladder Scanner

MD-6000 bladder scanner image
Handheld, ergonomic design
Upload from tablet to PC
Made by Sonologic, a market leader in the diagnostic imaging field in Australia, this top bladder scanner, which is available in the UK, features a handheld, ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and get clear scanning views. 

Additional features of the MD-6000 include: standalone or on-table operation modes, WiFI connectivity between probe and tablet, and the ability to upload from the scan tablet to a PC. 

One more standout feature of this portable scanner is that it allows the operator to manage patient information, cases, and reports right from the tablet. Pricing information for this bladder scanner is only available by requesting a quote.

Here are some things that help today’s bladder scanners stand out:

●These devices typically use ultrasound technology to measure the bladder volume. A handheld probe is placed on the patient's lower abdomen, and the scanner emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce off the bladder's walls. The device then calculates the bladder volume based on the returned sound waves.

●Portable bladder scanners provide quick and accurate measurements of bladder volume, often within a matter of seconds. This information can help healthcare providers make timely decisions regarding patient care.

●These scanners are designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to move between different patient rooms or clinical settings. They are often used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and home healthcare.

●Portable bladder scanners are typically user-friendly and can be operated by nurses or healthcare professionals with minimal training. Many models feature intuitive interfaces and touchscreens.

●Some portable bladder scanners come equipped with data storage and transfer capabilities, allowing healthcare providers to save and analyze bladder volume measurements over time. This can be helpful for tracking changes in bladder function.

●Since portable bladder scanners do not require catheterization, they are more comfortable for patients, reducing the risk of infection and discomfort associated with invasive procedures.

●Portable bladder scanners are commonly used in various clinical scenarios, including assessing urinary retention in patients with neurological conditions, monitoring post-operative patients to ensure they are voiding properly, and guiding interventions for urinary incontinence management.


While there are certainly a lot of bladder scanners available in the UK, our research team felt these six definitely stood above all the others and represent the best candidates for top bladder scanner in UK.

We understand that needs can vary from provider to provider and encourage you to check out all of the devices on this list to determine which will best suit you.

The good news is there are multiple models to choose from – models with varying features and varying costs. We are confident you will be able to find something that satisfies your requirements and your budget.

We hope that our list helps you make a faster, more informed decision when it comes to buying a bladder scanner in the UK.
Article by
David Smith
David is a urologist with over 9 years of experience. He is also the Co-fonder of BladGo, where he regularly shares his expertise in the field of urology. David is committed to keeping readers up-to-date on the latest urological research and to sharing other beneficial healthcare tips and information so that they can live healthier lives.

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